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10 Worst Domain Names

A couple of days ago I was searching for clever domain names, names that would stick in ones mind… part branding exercise, part curiosity. What I ended up finding were a lot of rather hilarious domain names! At first glance it might be easy to be offended however they all seem to be relatively innocent mistakes. The following is a list I have found and I am sure you will get a bit of a laugh…

How fast can you fart? Or is it being creative really quickly? |

The sex industry proves to be a mainstay no matter what the economy seems to be doing. Good thing this site has absolutely nothing to do with whores… |

Looking for a land of penises or is it penii?? Oh god, maybe a holiday might do the trick… |

Need a little extra oomph in the bedroom? Just plug it in and away you go… oh hang on, its a Italian Power Company? |

Ok, so I never thought is was a race but apparently reaching climax first gets its own website… I bet its full of dudes. Or it could just be a Methodist Church. HA! Who would have thought? |

Incontinence seems to be a major problem, adult nappies (no I haven’t worn one… although I did wet the bed randomly one night. That was quite humbling. Very nervous going to bed the next night!) Apparently however this site has absolutely nothing to do with urine… |

I really do not want to make light of the alternative to the therapist finder. I am sure you can work it out… |

If you are after a sex change I am confident you’ll probably want an expert, preferably several (sever? ha!) so you can compare the differences… hmmm This site probably won’t help though, although it may especially if you are after a group of experts |

I have always been an anti-greenthumb. For some reason whether it be laziness or just bad luck I seem to be able to kill my plants with extreme ease… Lucky I’m a better father! Maybe this is the reason I have been scared to venture out into my yard. The plants could be after me… |

Justification of something being bad is generally not welcome. In fact I abhor negativity so I would definitely not be heading to a site called Its Crap… Unless I wanted to build a computer. In which case I may find IT Scrap completely useful… |

This could very well be a mans worst nightmare… No BJS? Why oh why? Oh its a Jewish Singles site.. Phew! | North of Boston Jewish Singles

It seems that the funniest ones seem to have some sexual innuendo. Oh well, who am I to argue with humour? The point of the article is to bring awareness to how easy it is to pick a domain name that may otherwise be seen to be something entirely different! Be careful in your selection unless of course you are willing to add a little humour to your business life!

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