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You’re creating awesome content and you’re struggling to get people to click. You feel like your content is high quality but it’s just not getting the traffic you expected. Right? Time to learn about social timing in 2020. 

Social Timing in 2020 for Social Media Posts
Social Timing

Definition of Social Timing 

Essentially, social timing refers to the best times to post on social media and to your website/blog. There are certain times of day when people use social media sites more and are therefore more likely to engage with your content. Engagement includes clicks, comments, shares, and likes. 

Lots of factors influence social timing, including the time of day, day of the week, and time zone you’re targeting.

The Best Time to Post Blogs 

Social media scientist Dan Zarrella determined that 70% of study participants prefer to read blogs in the mornings, as opposed to afternoon, evening, or night. Business days are also incredibly popular for blog reading, whilst weekends are great for socials. 

To find out what works best for your business website, start by defining a short term goal. Do you want to increase traffic and clicks, or do you want to focus on shares and comments? Look at your past posts and analyse which performed better in each category, and what time and day they were posted. Ultimately, it all depends on your Target Audience.

The Best Time to Post on Facebook 

As a rule of thumb, most social media sites do well in the early mornings between 6 am and 8 am, and again around 7 pm. Think about your routine: when you wake up, you might spend some time on social media in bed, or whilst having a cup of coffee, or even while commuting to work via public transport. Then again after work, dinner has been made and had, and you might decide to check out your socials. 

With these times in mind, head to your Facebook page and click into Page Insights. You’ll find data about when your users are most active on your page – data which you can leverage to increase clicks and comments. 

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The Best Time to Post on Instagram 

Because of the site’s algorithm, Instagram posts tend to receive engagement hours or even days after you’ve posted. The best time to post for your business may differ from others. Try using Instagram Analytics to see where your followers are from, and when they’re the most engaged. Adjust your schedule accordingly! 

The Best Time to Post on LinkedIn 

LinkedIn posts on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays get the highest engagement. As you can imagine, posting between business hours of 7 am and 3 pm is also the most successful tactic. We’re all most likely to check out our LinkedIn feed while we’re at work! So target your marketing and thought leadership posts when you know we’re all behind our desks.

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