Successful email marketing campaigns are a simple and effective way to grow your business and send your marketing messages to a broad audience.

Affordable Email Marketing Agency

Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

The team at Cheap Website Designs has the technology and skill set to create effective email templates and campaigns that work to engage with customers and track campaign success. We can help your business to stay in contact with your customers through email marketing campaigns that keep in tune with your customer’s journey and ensure the smooth running of your marketing messages.

Our team use responsive email marketing programs to create customised emails that integrate with your CRM to deliver email marketing campaigns that resonate and encourage your customers to act. We can provide A/B email testing to test subject lines and email designs, share your email campaigns on social media and manage your complete email marketing campaign to ensure you build your brands and general sales.

Responsive Email Marketing Campaigns

Responsive Email Templates

Ensure your email marketing campaigns look good on any device with responsive email templates that stand out from the crowd. Our team can create a wide range of responsive email templates that are optimised for small screens, tablets and desktops so your email campaign works across a range of layouts and platforms.

Audience Profiling & Segmentation

Audience Profiling & Segmentation

If you’re looking to divide your audience based on a variety of subgroups including demographics, psychographics, behaviours and media use, Cheap Website Designs can help you with the appropriate audience profiling tools to ensure your email marketing is targeting your audience to perfection.


Tracking your email marketing metrics is important. If you want to tap into valuable data about your customers and mailing list Cheap Website Designs provides a complete reporting and analytics solution for your email marketing campaign so you can accurately measure the effectiveness of each email send in your campaign.

Email Campaign Strategy & Planning

Increase your subscribers with email campaign strategies that work to drive customer engagement and optimise your digital marketing activity. The team from Cheap Website Designs can create a tailored campaign to meet your email marketing needs allowing you to keep in touch with your customers through mobile optimised emails that work to improve profitability and increase your sales online.

Email Campaign Marketing Strategy

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