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There is a huge misconception about the role of an affordable web design. The design is mostly considered to be the visual appeal of a website. Your website needs to be more than just a flashy digital brochure. In reality, web design is such a tool that is an integral means of achieving your business goals.

If you are a B2B company, the website design should aid in generating and increasing leads from the website. By now, we all know that with a good and affordable website design, you can increase the content engagement, conversion and push your clients down the marketing funnel for improving sales.

It is high time that website owners realize how a web design can influence the conversion. So, here we are discussing this subject.

Aesthetics, the first impression & Perception

Aesthetics are a dominant part of a website. They play a massive role in making first impressions. A website has 50 milliseconds for making a first impression before the visitor leaves it. You have to keep the first-time visitor engaged with real photography, clean layout and of course compelling visuals.

If you want your visitors to have a positive perception of your business, then you must have good aesthetics. Classic aesthetic means that your business has a solid foundation and it is going to stay for a long time. Modern aesthetics means that your business is organized. It all depends on you how you use your website’s aesthetics to reflect the best qualities of your business.

Website Navigation

Usability increases with clean and logical navigation. The question is, what does usability mean? It refers to how easily and quickly a visitor finds information on a website to complete actions like making a sale. Simply adding robust search functions and simple navigation can make things easy for a visitor.

If a website has too many navigation options, it means a visitor is going to scattered all over the website. He/she might end up somewhere he does not want to be, forcing them to leave your website. Good usability not just includes the abovementioned qualities, but it also means being consistent in styling. This makes it easy for the visitor to learn and remember the function of each element. An affordable web design should have content that’s easy to understand.

Conversion Opportunities

Conversion pathways are the cornerstone for any affordable website design because they help in getting leads. This pathway should be clear for each visitor, whether it’s a new or an existing one. There are lots of factors that lead to the conversion pathway. The journey begins from the first impression of the website, then the perception of the visitor about your business, moving on to easy navigation. Once the visitor lands on the product/service page, he should be able to skim through the entire page quickly without putting much effort. Now everything depends on the design of the call to action. If everything else on the pathway was perfect, but the visitor was not clear about the call to action, it can break the entire chain of lead generation. So, make sure the clickable buttons and visual cues used are attractive and understandable enough to complete the conversion cycle.

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